AI Voting makes your voting sessions simple


The AI Voting app is designed to facilitate remote or in-person voting sessions between work teams, friends, family or even at school. If you need to choose between different options, make estimates, prioritize some activity, don’t waste any more time with spreadsheets.
With a simple and intuitive interface, AI Voting makes your sessions much easier and funnier. There are several models that you can use the way you think is best, with as many people as you want, where the limit is your imagination.


You can select one of the following voting types:

Admin view

The first person to enter to the application with that “Room name”, will create the room and become the admin. All the rest of people, will be considered as Guests. Use creative names for both your own and the room.


As an admin, you will be in charge of selecting the voting type for the group. Once all participants have entered the room, or if you cannot wait for everyone to enter so as not to delay the voting session, tap the “Start” button.


Once the voting session starts, no other participants will be accepted. In order for new participants to join the session, the admin must end the current session and all participants must re-enter the room.


Want to know if everyone has finished to close the voting session? Don’t ask them, see directly on your screen who has already voted and who is pending.


When voting is over, all participants will see the result. Long live democracy!


If there is a tie or any other reason and you need to do another voting, just tap the “Next” button and everyone will return to the initial screen of the selected voting type. Otherwise, tap the “Close” button and the session will be finished.

Guests view

As a guest, the first step to participate in a voting session will be to inform both your name and the room previously created by an admin. Be creative to create your name, there are no rules for that!


After entering your name and room, you will see the list of active participants for the voting session, which will be waiting until the admin starts the session.


While waiting for the admin to start the session, if you need to leave the room, tap the “Leave” button and you will no longer be part of this voting session.

Once voting has started, the voting options will automatically be presented. Vote wisely!


After voting, you will see the list of participants who have already voted and which are pending.


Once everyone has voted, or when the admin decides, the voting result will automatically be displayed.




Fist of five (SAFe)

Used to measure the team’s confidence in PI Planning, it is possible to vote between 1 and 5, with 1 representing low confidence and 5 representing high confidence.

If someone votes 1 or 2, a field will be presented to justify the reason for not being confident with the planning. Don’t miss any information!





A very useful technique for prioritizing, estimating or even ordering. It is also one of the most popular methods of agile estimation, as it allows team members to individually estimate the effort to perform a task with the aim of knowing different points of view and, in the end, reaching a consensus.




T-Shirt sizes

Instead of using numbers, this technique allows you to use t-shirt sizes for your estimations. Use it however you want, there are no rules!

t-shirt sizes


From 1 to 10

This techinque offers numerous possibilities. From valuations, votes, sweepstakes, you name it. Have fun!

from 1 to 10



Yes / No

There’s not much to explain. If you need to vote Yes or No, this is your option. Any vote, needs to be justified, so you’ll be force to enter the reason for your vote.


Do you have any suggestion?

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